About Us

Who we are…

DP Legal Solutions is a registered, bonded and authorized non-lawyer firm. We are a committed team of professional Legal Document Assistants. We assist clients with the preparation of legal instruments. That includes, but not limited to: completing forms, filing, coordinating and monitoring the whole process from start to finish. Simple legal documents can be filed without hassles and in a timely manner. Undisputed matters can be resolved without having to appear in court.

We are located in the heart of the city of San Leandro. We are proud to be part of the community sinceJuly 2010, serving the local and those coming from around the Bay, those looking for the right solutions to their legal matters; solutions that bring PEACE OF MIND and build a BETER FUTURE!

Our slogan “Justice for the powerless”

Traditionally, people turn to attorneys for all legal matters if they could afford one. Sadly, it’s not even an option for many. So then…should there be an alternative?

The good news is that NOT every case needs an attorney. The greater news is that MOST legal matters can be processed by one of our LDA (Legal Document Assistant), here at DP Legal Solutions. And the most exciting news is that our fee is NOT even a fraction of an average attorney’s fee.

We believe that justice should be available to everyone. And that’s why, at DP Legal Solutions, it is our goal to make sure that everyone that walks through our door is receiving the SUPPORT that they expect,the RESPECT that they deserve, and the PERFORMANCE that they come for. We understand the complication when it comes to legal matters. The paperwork alone can be quite overwhelming, and the whole process can be confusing and frustrating sometimes. However, we know the game, and we are committed!!

Welcome to DP Legal Solutions, where you can count on that PEACE OF MIND and start building a BETTER FUTURE!!

We look forward to serving you, your family and your community!


Alameda LDA #: 134 – Exp.11/16/2017